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The amateur porn studio that's been online since 1995. Exclusive Badpuppy gay porn models, biographies, pictures, videos and introducing ClubAmateurUSA!

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BadPuppy & Club Amateur USA

Online since 1995, Badpuppy brings us some of the hottest, freshest young men. Real life straight men, first timers, bisexual, gay-for-pay and guys that just love a big fat cock to suck on! With most puppy dogs the average number of heats annually is only two, not in the case of these BadPuppies! There is nothing more enjoyable than watching hot young puppy's in love!... and introducing Club Amateur USA.

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Puppy Love

Dogs In Heat


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BadPuppy Men 4

Club Amateur USA 4

BadPuppy Men 3

BadPuppy Men 2

Club Amateur USA 2


Club Amateur USA 1

Twink Temptation


BadPuppy Fuck Fest

BadPuppy Men

More Goodies from BadPuppy

Exclusive video footage from BadPuppy available below. You won't find these in your local adult stores!

Diesel Washington & Jessie Colter

Diesel Washington & Jessie Colter

41 year old Diesel Washington, a Personal Trainer from New York City and 27 year old Jessie Colter from Louisville, KY come together after a night at the club. They are extremely attracted to each other and horny as hell! They go back to Diesel's place and barely get through the door before they are all over each other. Diesel's pants come down and Jessie does his best to go completely down on Diesel's huge tool. Jessie lays back on the chair and Diesel has a turn at sucking Jessie's cock.

Diesel turns Jessie over on all fours and gives him a good ass eating, literally chewing him out in preparation of power fucking Jessie with his huge cock and we're talking huge! Jessie is experiencing a painful type of pleasure for sure, as Diesel rams him like a freight train in multiple positions. The final is Jessie on his back, legs held up; he loses it, blowing his load big time. Diesel stands over Jessie, blowing a huge load across Jessie's abs as well, ending this HOT Fuck Fest!

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AJ Monroe & Devin Adams 

AJ Monroe & Devin Adams

21 year old AJ is from Daytona Beach FL. He is a model by profession and loves surfing. 23 year old Devin Adams is a Bartender from Ft Lauderdale. They hook up in a back room at the club where Devin works. AJ drops to his knees and begins devouring Devin's big hard cock, so much so that he cant help but gag! AJ leans back on some boxes, while Devin removes his pants and baby blue boxer briefs. He takes his turn at AJ's throbbing cock, giving it a good suck.

They break and AJ moves over to the ladder, lifting his left leg up on to the rung, while Devin begins fucking AJ good and hard! AJ asks Devin if he can fuck him and they flip flop, with AJ ramming Devin's ass now. Devin moves over and leans back on the boxes, with his legs up in the air, while AJ continues to pound him. Devin begins stroking his cock and lets go with a cum splattering release. AJ pulls out and stands over Devin, delivering a huge cum shot across Devin's stomach!

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Kaja Kolomaz & Honza Forst 

Kaja Kolomaz & Honza Forst

25 year old Kaja Kolomaz and 18 year old Honza Forst, a pair of European studs who enjoy a very passionate relationship, enjoy and evening alone together. They lay in bed kissing, while embracing each other, determined to share a very romantic and erotic night together. Kaja begins licking and nibbling on Honza's chest. Honza in turn gives Kaja some very personal attention. He pulls Kaja's uncut cock from within his Armani briefs and begins sucking and licking his tool.

Next he rolls Kaja's legs up and begins giving him some good tongue action, rimming and fingering his hairy hole. Kaja begins sucking Honza's uncut cock, with his own cock standing at full attention. Both horny as hell now, Honza begins fucking Kaja. They change positions and Kaja mounts Honza while he lays back on the bed! Kaja on all 4's receives a good plowing. Honza kneels over Kaja and shoots a thick creamy load across his face and in his mouth. Kaja now kneeling over Honza reciprocates with a load of his own.

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Martin Sedivec & Rado Princ 

Martin Sedivec & Rado Princ

24 year old Martin Sedivec and 20 year old Rado Princ have enjoyed an evening out and decide to return to Rado's studio. They kiss and begin undressing each other. Martin undoes Rado's blue jeans, pulling out his uncut cock and begins rubbing and stroking it while they continue to kiss! Martin on his knees begins licking and sucking Rado's balls and tool. Rado helps remove Martin's jeans and they stand rubbing their cocks together. Rado lays back on the chair and Martin and he suck each other, by spinning the chair around.

Martin now up on the chair, cheeks spread while Rado gives him a good rim job and lubes his hole with spit, giving him a nice, long, deep finger fuck. Rado puts on his condom and with Martin still up on the chair bent forward; he begins plowing Martin's ass. Rado sets down on the chair and Martin faces him, bouncing up and down on his cock. With one more position change, Martin delivers a load across his abs. Rado pulls out and gives Martin a face & mouthful.

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