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This section features performers whose penises are sized well above average from all walks of life regardless of age or ethnicity... hung twinks, black thugs, euro studs and muscle hunks.

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The Big Dick Boys "Top 40"

Featuring performers whose penises are sized well above average. Not all of these "big dick boys" can claim the size queen's title of "horse hung", but they are certainly more than a mouthful. We've got some hung twinks, black thugs, Brazilian studs and some good ol' American hunks for you to see!

Editor's note: I'm certainly not bragging, believe me! If I had known the pain I would be in afterwards, I might of thought twice before taking on my "first". Without going into great detail, here's the short version.

I'm young, love to suck dick, but still a virgin. I had just moved into some apartments with a community pool and I had a great view of the pool. I had spotted this really hot guy out there on numerous occasions that always wore a blue bikini (professional swimmers kind) and I couldn't keep my eyes off of his packa... err, I mean him!

I was off this particular day and who do I spot out at the pool? I had just picked up a "bag" of smoke and the liquor cabinet was stocked with Crown Royal and Bacardi, so I put on my trunks and headed to the pool. I'm not the bashful kind and started up the small talk... one thing led to another (remember, this is the short version) and we were off to my apartment for a smoke and couple of drinks.

We're now a couple of drinks in and on our 2nd joint. More small talk about how he had been working out at the gym earlier and I offer him a massage, he accepts, lies down on the couch and I start massaging his beautiful toned body.

I suggest he move to the bed where it will be easier for me to massage him and off we go. A little more small talk (persuasion) and off comes his swim suit so I could massage his gorgeous ass as well... then I pull the ol' "time to flip over"... I was in "awe" of what I saw!!! It was all I could do to keep my jaw from hitting the ground and my eyes from popping out of my head like in the cartoons. I didn't want him to notice me gawking, so I fought to keep focus on the task at hand or is that task "in hand". It wasn't long after that and I just couldn't resist any longer...

He was fully aroused from my massaging his groin area (and the occasional slip of my arm brushing his cock) and I asked him if he had ever measured it. He said no. Be right back I said, grabbed the tape measure and happily measured it for him after providing a couple slow strokes to make sure it was fully aroused... 11 and 3/4 inches!! He wasn't objecting and was obviously enjoying the extra curricular activities!

More small talk and I asked him if he liked blowjobs, "of course" he responded. A few awkward moments later and next thing you know, I find my lips wrapped around his cock. Insert more "small talk" along with my trunks coming off and I'm riding that big stallion like a champion rodeo cowboy! (remember, short version)

Okay... party's over and it's the next day... OMG!!! The booze has worn off, the high is gone and it didn't matter if I was lying down, standing up or sitting, my ass hurt so bad! That boy didn't just "pop a cherry", he took out the whole damn cherry orchard! But there was one other thing on my mind that I couldn't help but think about... "who was actually seducing who?"

No offense size queens, but now, when a guy drops his pants and it's that big, I look him straight in the eye and ask him... "What do you want me to do with that, lay it over my shoulder and burp it?"

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