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Bravo Delta Dionisio Heiderscheid Matt Hughes Topher Dimaggio Ricky Sinz

Bravo Delta

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen him edge himself with flashlights and shoot his massive loads. He's known as Bravo Delta and today he's taking off the mask. For the first time ever, Bravo Delta reveals who he really is and wastes no time showing us what he's famous for.

Dionisio Heiderscheid

"I am the owner of my own body, and I can do anything that I please with it. Becoming a porn star was like being born again," Argentinean gay porn star Dionisio Heiderscheid (aka D.O.) once said at the dawn of his XXX career.

Matt Hughes

He identifies as straight, something lots of critics and viewers question, but when it comes to having sex he seems very open to whatever gets him off. While residing in his native UK, where he doesn't lack for work, Matt has made a real name for himself in the American gay porn market.

Topher Dimaggio

At 5' 9" tall, this handsome "top" stallion has one of the most beautiful bodies in gay porn to date. Smooth, muscled and a very very suckable fuckable cock. Topher DiMaggio is bred from Italian and Irish ancestry and appeared on the gay porn scene back in 2008 stroking his man meat for ChaosMen.

Ricky Sinz

Currently signed as a Raging Stallion Exclusive, Ricky Sinz has won many awards from GAYVN, the Grabbys, and others. With the release of the smash hit cowboy fetish epic "To the Last Man" in 2008, Ricky's high profile got higher and he was named Raging Stallion's Man of the Year.

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Jakub fucking Nikolas on BoysNation
Jakub fucks Nikolas
Jakub fucks Chad while he sucks Nikolas
Nikolas fucks Chad while he sucks Jakub

The scene starts out with Jakub and Nikolas making out in front of their tent. You can tell these two guys are definitely into each other with their rock hard cocks. Chad happens upon them and gets invited to join the party. Chad starts by sucking Nikolas cock while bent over with Jakub fucking his ass and the passion between Nikolas and Jakub never stops during the action. Then the boys swap and it's Nikolas turn to fuck Chad while he sucks Jakub.  Watch this hot trio get it on at BoysNation!

Watch Jakub, Chad and Nikolas Fuck

Robin Few and Paul
Paul starts out sucking on Robin's cockRobin seems to enjoy his after shift duties
Paul wonders what other sidework Robin can do
Paul discovers this isn't the first time for Robin Few
Robin enjoying his sidework

Paul and Robin end their shifts and instead of it being Miller time, it's sex time. Paul lifts up Robin's shirt to expose some incredible abs, and the two begin to kiss, and then they switch gears to cocksucking. Paul sucks cock like he kisses, which sends Robin into overdrive. Later, after they cum, Paul tells us that he wanted to fuck Robin, but Robin said he's new to gay sex and wasn't quite ready for it. So the two make plans to hang out at a nearby lake the next day. Do you think Robin will be ready?

Robin Few and Paul in a scene from City Life

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