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One of Europe's top producers, Eurocreme captures the hottest, smoothest bodies in gay European bareback, muscle, and twink videos with series like Punkz, Rudeboiz, and Dreamboy!

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"Sweet Dreams at the DreamBoy Hotel"

Review by Dell Douglas

Based in London, the largest Gay Adult Producer in Europe celebrates its 10 year anniversary! As part of that celebration, they've launched a new online membership site and mini series "Dreamboy Hotel".

Who am I rattling on about? Eurocreme, the long time producer of some of the finest twink gay porn in the industry. If you like lean, smooth twinks and young men and haven't watched or purchased a Eurocreme movie over the years, here's your chance... And no pun intended, "The Price Is Right"

As for the new site, I found it both pleasing and easy on the eyes, yet sleek in design with a sporty feel to it considering how fast the site loads. The kind of feel you get when sitting inside of the new BMW M5 with its hand stitched luxurious leather seats and instrument panel on the dashboard... and of course, all of the optional settings!

About those optional settings...
Navigating the site is a breeze with all of the options across the top in plain view with a large enough, easy-to-read font. With your membership, the selections include: Movies, Solos, Models, Bonus, Photosets, Extras, Blog, VOD and the best feature of all (in my opinion), My Favorites.

the Movies...

Nothing other than what you would expect really. Click on a movie you want to watch. The page comes up with the movie embedded, and click play. Oh... be sure to grab the lube first guys! The quality of the HD videos are next to none.

The option to download the movies to your computer is also available in wmv, Qtime, iPad or iPhone. Simply choose your speed, 400 Kbps, 700 or 2000 and video size 480x270, 720x406 or 1024x576.

A great bonus feature here is that you can search by model or category and still photosets are available just below the movie on the same page.

the Solos...

If you prefer to see the newest "love of your life"  or your favorite "blast from the past"  in solo action, this is the place you wanna be. I'd love to be the cameraman filming those cumshots!

the Models...

I could spend all day looking through this section guys. The Eurocreme models are nothing short from drop-dead gorgeous to sweet and innocent looking young "legal" boys... where DO they find these guys? The site isn't quite finished, as you will see, not all of the models have their stats listed yet. It's a work in progress. However, their Solo photo shoots are there as one option along with Action photosets from the movies they appear in.

And let's face it... with models the likes of Matt Hughes and Luke Desmond with their 11 inch man-meat, Kai Cruz, Alex Stevens, and the young horse-hung twink Steven Prior, there's a LOT to see in more ways than one!

The one thing I found that "threw me for a curve" was the fact that when you click on either the Solo or Action photosets, the screen just quickly flashes. The page didn't seem to change, and I found myself wondering where the photos were. You're going to have to scroll down the page to find the photos.

As for the photography and quality of the photosets... let's just say you can count all the little blood vessels in the models dick as well as the hair follicles in his pubic area.

the Bonus...

To be honest, I haven't figured this one out yet guys. There are videos in this section that you can watch that don't appear in the Movie section. Where are they from? Why are they there? Are they "behind the scenes" video footage? Not really sure and no explanation offered, but it's definitely worth checkin' out!

the Extras...

Here you will find videos from Alphamale Fuckers and Bare Adventures, both from the Eurocreme stable. While these 2 sites aren't included in your membership, they do offer a great discount if you want to signup.

the Blog...

The blog is another great place to get social and share your thoughts with other members.

the Price...

As I stated previously, the price is right on this one!  There is a full trial membership offered, and the full monthly membership is $29.95 which is a great price when compared to other sites. But I gotta tell ya guys, that 6 month deal at $89.95 is the way to go!

If you don't intend on downloading the photos or videos, then go with the Streaming option for $19.95/month.

the Wrap Up...

Whether you Check-In or just wanna Check-Out the brochure, the Dreamboy Hotel is worth a visit!

Eurocreme Gay Porn Films

Dreamboy Hotel S1E1

Hunky builders Tate Ryder and Steve Weikman open the show as they show us the DreamBoy Hotel in its earliest stages... the walls aren't even painted yet! Topless Tate, smooth and buff with a young handsome face, struggles to reach the top, and his shoulder aches so much that the Brazilian looking young stud Steve gives him a quick rubdown. Starting at the neck and shoulders, his wandering hands soon move to his overalls which suddenly drop down, exposing a stiff, thick and totally delicious dick bobbing up and down!! Quick to jump on this opportunity dangling in his face, cock hungry Tate devours it, and worships this thick shaft as any horny twink stud would. But soon lets his smooth hole take the attention, as Steve licks and sucks on his edible ass before sliding his dick in, taking even porn-star Tate's breath away! After flipping each other into all sorts of fun positions an Olympic gymnasts would be jealous of, stand back for Steve's awesome cumshot... the walls, Tate, and the bench all drenched in hot Latin spunk! Check out the gallery!

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Indieboyz 23

11" COCK!! Matt Hughes and his stunning cock return and this time Ashley Ryder has the honor of getting filled up like never before by pure cock!! Matt's gorgeous straight lad looks, slim body and hairy chest, giving way to his unbelievably huge dick is every mans dream fuck. Deep throating this monstrous cock, Ashley shows off all he's learnt, making sure this hung hottie is left well and truly satisfied. Mercilessly pushing his dick into his bottom buddy, Matt is here to get off, and Ashley's butt makes the perfect place to do it - ramming his mighty meat all the way inside, you'll be shooting before you know it. Check out the gallery!

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Police Boy

When the young Rookie Officer Mike (Will Jamieson) comes across a drug deal in progress, young criminal Eddy Smith is willing to do anything to avoid the consequences and Officer Mike definitely has some ideas about what Eddy can offer him, specifically his smooth, pert ass!! Will Jamieson is in perfect shape here, with firm, hard washboard abs and huge, rippling pecs, complimented by a deep tan across his smooth skin. Watching him release his massive and veiny cock from his police uniform is truly breathtaking, but not as much as when Eddy slips it between his full, soft red lips and starts sucking it, clearly loving the taste. Things only get hotter when that monster cock is being driven deep into the young offenders tight little asshole, pounding it hard before exploding in a spray of jizz across the soft cheeks!! Check out the gallery!

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