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Hornyboy focuses on male autoerotic perversions and self-love with special attention on autofellatio, the art of male selfsucking. HornyBoy celebrates young men acting out in their most private and perverted male sexual encounters.

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HornyBoy Gay Porn: Autofellatio (self-sucking)

Hornyboy focuses on male autoerotic perversions and self-love with special attention on autofellatio, the art of male self-sucking, often shooting in their mouth, eating and swallowing their own cum. HornyBoy celebrates young men acting out in their most private and perverted male sexual encounters.

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HornyBoy Autofellatio Gay Porn Films (15)


The Auto Files 3
Self Suck & Fuck

The Auto Files 2
Private Parties

Messing Around

The Auto Files
Fun For One


Class Project

Public Dicks

American Wiener

Prescription for Penis

Dick's Casting Couch

Red Hot Boners!
AutoFellatio & More

HornyBoy Goes to

Casting Couch 3

Go Blow Yourself!

Casting Couch 4

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Justin Lebeau

Justin Lebeau is one of our most popular models. He has such an adorable face, mouth-watering body and sweet personality. Just spend a few moments with him and we think you'll feel the same.

Lukas Wild

Our favorite truck driving twink boy Lukas Wild, a self-assured, easy-going guy with a smooth, slim twink body and explosive cumshots. He's had some fundamental changes in his sex life!

Keylan O'connor

Keylan used to be shy, "used to be!" and he works out regularly. His love of music is obvious playing classical music and DJ'ing in dance clubs in Montreal. He says the past couple of years have been full of positive sexual experiences and he's back to show off for the camera!


Jordan is the ultimate party boy. He couldn't attend enough of the parties he liked so he decided to start organizing his own and he really knows how to let go and have a great time. Not the type to be satisfied with a conventional sex life, Jordan spreads it around when he's out on a party binge.

Garry Roy

Garry spends a lot of time hunting for sex, though mostly with girls. But he has added a lot more guys to the mix recently and has even tried bottoming. Since his ex-girlfriend bit his dick and left teeth marks, he should consider switching to guys 100%!


If Junior looks familiar it's because he's the brother of a previous model from a few months back, Jacob. Both of them work for their father's construction company. Junior is into boxing, hockey and working out at the gym. He's quite the ladies man!

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