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Jacob Jake

Jacob Jake is a straight 18 yr old Latino, 5'10, weighs about 155lbs, with a uncut 8 inch cock! He's a Cuban boy that came to the U.S. when he was 15. He's only doing gay-for-pay porn to get some money so he can pay for his MMA training.

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A Straight Boy from Cuba... Jacob Jake


Meet Jacob Jake, the newest Latin straight boy from StraightRentboys.

Jacob, now 18 years old, moved to the US from Cuba when he was 15. It was at the age of 6 that Jacob took an interest in mixed martial arts (MMA) and wasn't long after that he started taking lessons in martial arts. His love of the sport grew along with his passion and desire to compete as a MMA fighter.

As with any professional sport, it takes money. He's a very focused straight young man with a regular job and in order to earn extra money to help pay for his continued training, he approached StraightRentBoys about getting into porn. He was told that they only do gay porn and being straight, he was referred to another studio that produced straight porn. Without going into great detail, things got to moving very fast for Jacob and he was feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, Jacob returned to StraightRentBoys for some help in becoming more comfortable modeling for gay porn... and the pay is better! Being straight and knowingly jacking off for a gay audience or letting another man suck his dick, just wasn't something he had ever thought about, but the lure of making more money is strong.

On a personal note, Jacob Jake stands 5'8 and weighs around 155lbs with an 8" uncut cock with dark hair and a natural Latino tan. He works out and you can't help but notice his V-shaped torso, muscular arms and washboard abs when he takes off his shirt. Watching his interview and solo video, you'll get the opportunity to know Jacob, his great personality and those cute facial expressions that go along with it.

During his interview in his first solo video from StraightRentBoys, he also shares a story with us about a group of gay boys that approached him in school one day... you can't help but smile and giggle when you hear it.

Editors note: While writing this story, I couldn't help but think of Martin Luther Kings famous words "I have a dream" as dramatic as that may sound. But, I suppose all of us have a little bit of a drama queen in us, but as you read, listen and get to know this young man, you find out that he's the real deal.

Jacob Jake's 1st Interview & Jack Off Solo

As he takes off his shirt, we really can appreciate the intense workouts Jacob goes through to get such a sculptured body. Jacob further undresses and reveals every inch of that hard earned body that we get to enjoy. As he sits back, he raises his arm above his head exposing his sexy armpits. As for his dick, it becomes obvious to us all that it’s not only a “show-er”, but a grower.

Jacob lies back on the couch and strokes his uncut dick to hardness as the camera zooms in to see his whole body turning flush. The blood is definitely flowing in the right direction as his dick stiffens. Even lying down, Jacob’s washboard abs are visible, along with his sizeable dick and manicured groin area. When asked “what are you thinking of?” as he jacks off, Jacob says he is thinking of his girlfriend sucking his cock. Stroking mainly from bottom of the shaft up, Jacob starts to go faster and within a few minutes his eyes close and he readies himself for a full on ejaculation. The camera again zooms in to pan up and down his entire body to see the reaction that is occurring. His ball sack tightens, eyes twitch and Jacob yells, “oh shit.” The cameraman pans to his dick, to film, the cumshot. Almost too close! Jacob shoots a load that first squirts thick creamy cum almost hitting the camera lens. His load then squirts on to his leg and the seemingly endless rest of the cum oozes and squirts all over his groin, stomach, hands and dick. “God I want to be 18 again” after seeing his load!

At the end of the shoot, the interview closing statement is:  “Here in my boot camp, you’re going to have to suck another guy’s dick”.  Jacob's response... “I can work on that.”  His attitude, body, and cum shot are definitely something to see!

Jacob's First Dick

Today, we have Jacob Jake back in the studio and Vince. Jacob did his solo and that went really well, but it's time to get him comfortable with sucking dick so that when he finishes his "schooling" here and goes on to other studios, he can earn top dollar in the gay for pay industry. Vince is here to help with Jacob's education. Vince has been here before and filmed some very hot scenes; he is also the one that made Santiago cum three times while fucking him. As far as the sucking dick goes, Jacob was uneasy about doing it but agreed that he is "going to have to do it."  Both Jacob and Vince sat on the couch and when asked if Vince had any pointers for Jacob, "no teeth, you don't want to bite it"  was the main concern. Then, Jacob took Vince in his mouth and began to suck. "It will grow in your mouth, but it won't bite you," was Vince's last tip before Jacob began. Jacob seemed to be okay with it, not thrilled, but putting up with it for the "work."  Vince said Jacob was doing okay for a beginner; Vince's dick became hard within a few minutes and that's when Jacob realized just how big Vince is. Continuing to suck, Jacob starts to get the hang of stroking while "choking."  Then it was Vince's turn to suck Jacob's 8 incher... and it's another first for Jacob!

Jacob Jake Exclusive Photos from StraightRentBoys

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Straight Hunk Jacob Jake BareBacks Cameron Cox

Jacob Jake's 1st Raw Gay Fuck!

Jacob Jake and Cameron Cox do a great job as “seamen.” This barebacking pair shows us how it’s done, or at least how we’d like to do it. You already know Jacob Jake has a body to die for and this straight boy is about to be put to the ultimate test...filming his first raw gay fuck!

Cutting to the chase. Jacob takes control of Cameron and has him against the wall while Cameron takes his time and worships all of Jacob’s hard work, with his tongue. Pressing up against each other, Jacob makes a beeline for the bed. Cameron goes down on Jacob first; Jacob’s fine uncut cock responds well to this man’s mouth; Jacob sighs as he controls Cameron’s head for maximum pleasure. Cameron's dick is stiff and wanting some oral affection of its own. Jacob sucks intensely and is rewarded with the moans and sighs of Cameron.

As we watch Jacob get blown, I also am able to film Cameron’s dick in the frame; it never gets soft and sways in perfect rhythm to the ebb and flow of his mouth while Jacob is holding onto Cameron’s head and guiding him to every inch.

It doesn't take long before we hear Jacob panting and breathing heavy and he is near cumming. Jacob can't last any longer and blows his creamy load into the awaiting mouth of Cameron. Luckily Jacob has the gift of being able to repeatedly cum and stay hard. As Cameron suckles and licks up Jacob's load, he looks up at Jacob and asks, "wanna fuck me?" And so begins the bareback scene we've all been waiting for!

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Jacob Lucha (aka Jacob Jake) & Kyle Quinn in "The Rosetta Bone"

This week we have a blast from the past as we welcome back Kyle Quinn. It's been a while since we've seen Kyle who is now 27. Kyle's originally from Washington D.C. and has been keeping busy helping out with the family business and decided he needed to take some time off to "treat" himself. Kyle loves Latin men not just for their good looks, but more because they have a reputation of having big dicks. Well, we've got the right kind of treat for Kyle!

Making his debut this week we have Jacob Lucha (aka Jacob Jake) a hot young Latino from the Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba going by the name of Jacob Lucha (aka Jacob Jake). Jacob has an 8" uncut cock with a natural downwards curve and just what Kyle's tight little ass needs.

Kyle starts off on his knee's sucking Jacob's cock. Then Jacob decides to do a little face fucking with Kyle laying back on the couch as we get to watch Jacob's hot ass bobbing up and down from behind. Not to be selfish, Jacob returns the favor by sucking on Kyle's dick and does a little rimming before plowing that tight little ass. Check out the exclusive video footage and photos of Jacob Lucha (aka Jacob Jake) on set with Extra Big Dicks


Every week REAL straight boys are initiated into the 'gay for pay' bootcamp. Watch these young straight boys suck dick for the first time and get fucked for cash! Click on the banner below to see more.

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