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Luda Wayne

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Luda Wayne Gay Porn Star


Meet young Luda Wayne, one of the hottest models to come out of the Squirtz stable. Luda is a straight skaterboy currently living in Montreal, and sexy on so many levels that it's hard to know what to include or where to begin.

Editor's note: I'm not one to give a twink a second look and hardly a glance other than to make sure I don't run into him on a crowded sidewalk or at the mall... but this young man has certainly got this editor's attention!

Luda enjoys living life on the "wild side."  Some will tell you he's got a "bad boy" reputation.  I'm here to tell you that he has an exhibitionist streak in him!  With a slim, yet well built body, fat cock and some great balls you'll wanna suck on all day, and for the lack of a better word, "cute" personality, Luda draws you in to every scene he performs in. Whether it's his stimulating solos or action scenes with another young man, your eyes are glued to the screen.

Although Luda claims (maybe I should use the word "claimed" as in "was" or "used to be") that he is straight, even more interesting, he says, when it comes to all things to do with sex, he is ready to give it a try.  Damn... where were the boys like this when I was still in school?

After his first solo performance on Squirtz, Luda Wayne became an overnight sensation with the members. The amount of emails that Squirtz received over the next couple of days about Luda was staggering. Everyone wanted to see more of this bright young man and with that, a porn star was born!

Editor's note: The most notable thing for me is watching this kid cum. It's by far one of the most real climaxes I've ever seen. He's not just putting on a good show for the camera!

and the Luda Wayne story continues...

It's obvious that skaterboy Luda Wayne is beautiful to look at, but the fact that he's a bad boy with an exhibitionist streak really helped peak our interest in him. He definitely likes to show off his hot slim body and fat cock.

In this interview he shares some of his experiences and sexual encounters with his girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) and a story about his experience with two girls sucking his cock at the same time.

Even more interesting, though he is straight and maybe a little bit Bi as he puts it, he says when it comes to all things to do with sex he is ready to give it a try (and in some cases, has already).

Luda Wayne is one of the hottest Squirtz models we've ever had in a long time. With his well built thin body and his fat cock, he is back again and even hotter and hornier than the last time we saw him.

Maybe it's the new job or maybe it's the new kinky girlfriend that's got Luda glowing in a very exciting way.

On the other hand, when he told us about his first time bottoming for a boy he did mention that there was something he liked about it.

OMG! Did those words just come out of his mouth? You know we're going to pick that ball up and run with it!

When Luda Wayne first appeared on Squirtz for his solo, all agreed that he has a beautiful face and amazing body, from every angle.

But what seems to put him over the top for most, is his "no limits" attitude toward life and love.

Luda identifies as "straight" but he has done some experimenting and hasn't ruled out experimenting some more.

For this scene we thought we should slowly transition him from the solo to the duo by having him "interact" (i.e. fuck) with something artificial so he could show us the skills he bragged about. So here is Luda with a "silicone mate". We'll let you decide if Luda lives up to his claims. Next, we hope to see Luda perform with a boy in the flesh.

Luda was very clear with us from the start that he was straight. But Luda Wayne is nothing if not open minded and so he agreed to trying to fuck a boy, just to see what it would feel like.

We needed a special bottom for this situation, one who would take whatever Luda chose to give out and not expect any reciprocal action. Brent Lockhart is exactly the right boy for the job.

Having experience with several straight fuck friends, Brent knows just when to suck and when to lie back and let the straight boy use his hole for whatever he wants. And Brent certainly knows not to expect a kiss, but Luda just might have some surprises. Are we seeing Luda evolve before our eyes?

Luda Wayne is slowly easing into this whole gay sex thing but the tough part is finding a boy to pair him with. Someone he can feel relaxed with and let it all hang out. This time around it was Luda who suggested that he would like to give Xavier Powell a roll in the hay.

They know each other from work and are comfortable enough around each other to joke around. Xavier has even put the moves on Luda a few times to see how he would react. Luda's reaction wasn't to grab Xavier's ass, but rather to invite him in front of our cameras so he can fuck that ass. Thanks to Xavier's talents, Luda is beginning to realize that boys give better head than girls.

Luda Wayne returns...

After a six month retreat from doing videos, partying and generally living the wild life in Montreal, Luda Wayne is back looking rested and healthy and with a recharged libido.

To show us that he's ready to take his video career to the next level, Luda showed us how he is ready to take a face full of cum.

A very impressive accomplishment considering he had to hold himself in that upside-down position for more than 5 minutes until he was able to dump his biggest load ever right in his face.


We've watched Luda Wayne evolve slowly since he first graced our screen. First was his solo where, in his interview, he hinted at some boy on boy action in his history. Then after he showed us his fucking action with a plastic pussy.

Once he passed that test, his next hurdle was fucking a boy, Brent, just to see if he could adapt to the different plumbing.

Now he gets nudged one step closer to understanding the full spectrum of gay experience. Luda Wayne puts a vibrating dildo in his ass and works it.

How did he like it? Watch for any tell-tale signs of pleasure. Can he take the next step?

The scene we've all so anxiously waited for!  Luda Wayne has resisted all attempts to move him toward this moment for almost a year now. First it was solos, then a jerk off scene with a straight friend, then he fucked a boy, then a dildo in his ass. All of these were merely baby steps leading to this definitive question: Will Luda get fucked in that beautiful ass?

Finally, just after New Years he said he'd give it a try. So we had to make sure that everything was just right and nothing would go wrong. Naturally we had to call in our most reliable erection, Lukas Wild and Luda liked our choice.

The day of the shooting Luda and Lukas met for the first time and seemed to hit it off right away. They went out for a smoke and found that they have a lot in common. But the one big difference is that Lukas likes boys and Luda likes girls. But Luda wasn't the slightest bit uncomfortable with Lukas being gay. This was Lukas' opportunity to do what ever he wanted to a straight boy and he wasn't going to waste it.

I won't tell you how it went down but suffice it to say a lot of satisfaction was derived from this scene by everyone involved. And if you know anything about Lukas Wild, you might guess how he christened Luda's maiden voyage.

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