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Mitchell Rock

Competition bodybuilder... fitness model... porn star... Mitchell Rock first got into gay porn on the popular Randy Blue site under the name Shane looking somewhat younger and slimmer than we know him today.

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Mitchell Rock

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Gay Porn Star Mitchell Rock a.k.a. Jeffrey Shiflet


Competition bodybuilder... fitness model... and porn star with a career that has spanned nearly 16 years!

Mitchell Rock first got into gay porn on the popular Randy Blue site under the alias Shane and later under the name Jeffrey... a young smooth and slim twink... certainly not the Mitchell we know today. As he matured and started developing a more muscular physique, he became a target for the guys over at Manifest Men.

The more he performed, the more he came under the watchful eyes of Chi Chi Larue. Anyone guess what happened next? Yup! It wasn't long before he was signing an exclusive for Channel 1 and became a headliner in some fine movies at C1R.

Mitchell Rock is a versatile performer... a little known fact that we're all glad to hear! He both tops and bottoms and there's always something special when watching such a big muscular guy get fucked. Who the hell are we kidding?!?!  It's fucking awesome just watching this guy whether he tops or bottoms!

From the Editor: Last I knew, Mitchell Rock and Adam Killian were an item... haven't heard anything new!

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