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Next Door Buddies

Do you like those young, straight looking, guy next door type? It's all about regular, next door buddies who love to trigger their ass-busting cum launchers all over their neighbor.

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Next Door Buddies Gay Porn

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Next Door Buddies: The Guy Next Door with the Guy Next Door

Do you like those young, straight looking, guy next door type? Can't help but think about that hot looking new neighbor that moved in? And we're not talking about his suntan or where he buys his clothes... but rather how hot he would look with that suntan and totally naked in your bed! If I had neighbors that looked like these guys living next door, I'd turn into a "Betty Crocker" cooking dinner every night for them and then "whip up" desert after dinner... mmmMmmm... freshly whipped creme over some hot buns, now we're talkin'!

NextDoorBuddies Gay Porn


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More Goodies from Next Door Buddies

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Grease Monkeys

With James Jamesson and Jimmy Clay

Our grease monkeys James Jamesson and Jimmy Clay are a couple of guys who've learned the hard way the value of a dollar and know the importance of working together around the garage. Today Jimmy's sweatin' one out under the chassie of a four-wheel ATV. James is up top, working the handbrake and passing down tools when Jimmy asks. Jimmy is almost done when he asks for a screwdriver from James. When he reaches up for it, he gets a surprise he never could've imagined. Jimmy has always thought that James was hot looking and wondered what he would be like in bed. Well, instead of a screwdriver, James gives him a handful of hard cock and Jimmy can't help but smile. He knows exactly where this is going not to mention that he's caught James eyeing his ass all morning. Now the two will finally get the chance to indulge their fantasies. Jimmy takes a break from the ATV repair to wrap his mouth around James's huge dick! And James is getting a real good taste of that ass he's been wanting. Then see these guys get their motors running as James slides his boner into Jimmy's tight, waiting asshole for a high-octane, greasy fuck session that'll rev your engine into overdrive!

Fuck Club

The first rule of Fuck Club is tell all your friends! Adam Pain has been working hard to get his new sex club off the ground. He's enlisted the help of his buddies Rylan Shaw and Angelo Romani. They like the concept Adam's going for with this new hangout so they've agreed to help him move in. Adam's been cracking the whip all day. When Rylan and Angelo feel they've reached a good stopping point, they decide to entice Adam into taking a break. Rylan rubs Angelo's crotch while he explains they have plenty of time to fool around a little. Adam figures a little action just might breathe new life into the group's efforts, so he strips down and dips his fat cock into Angelo's sweet mouth while Rylan gets a taste of Angelo's man meat. Then it's time for Rylan to get what he's been daydreaming about, a hard pounding from Angelo while Adam stuffs his boner in Rylan's mouth! As club proprietor, Adam's calling the shots, and he wants to bang Rylan's tight hole too. Watch these three hunks help each other blow off steam.

Garage Bang

With Alex Waters and Cody Allen

Alex Waters is a young man with an appetite for rich musk. That's why he's convinced his buddy Cody Allen to join him in the garage and spend some time soaking up each other's essences. They're smothering their faces in well worn socks and rubbing shoes fervently on their hardening erections. Cody didn't quite know the full extent of what Alex had planned, but he's discovering his own slightly depraved side. When Alex unleashes his large, fat cock, Cody takes it down his throat without one bit of hesitation. Then it's Cody's turn to enjoy some warm lips on his cock. Soon the two are bobbing on one another at the same time but Alex has a fierce craving to fuck Cody's tight ass. Watch Cody get pounded like never before!

Private Practice

With Anthony Romero and Campbell Stevens

A couple of the guys that Anthony plays rugby with were talking about a Dr. Campbell and how he jerks off patients if they let him. Anthony was intrigued and made an appointment under the guise of needing a routine checkup at the start of the rugby season. After a few pleasantries, Dr. Campbell puts on his gloves in order to give Anthony a prostate exam. First it's a measurement of asshole temperature, then a nice finger to feel around for anything usual and the doctor notices the pleasure Anthony takes in having a finger in his tight hole. From there it's some light cock stroking and Anthony takes well to having his hardening boner stroked and that's a good sign to move into some nice dick sucking. This is Dr. Campbell's specialty and he even encourages patients like Anthony to try it themselves. But before this good doctor can send this one off with a clean bill of health, he need to implement one final method of administering his own brand of patient care. He's fucking Anthony's warm ass until they both blow explosive, hot loads all over the examination table. Visiting the doctor was never this rewarding!

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