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These straight boys were told it only hurts a "little bit". NOT!!! Every week REAL straight boys are initiated into the 'gay for pay' bootcamp. Watch straight boys get fucked for cash!

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These straight boys were told it only hurts a "little bit". NOT!!! Every week REAL straight boys are initiated into the 'gay for pay' bootcamp. Watch these young straight boys suck dick for the first time and get fucked for cash!

StraightRentBoys Gay Porn

These straight boys were told it only hurts a "little bit". NOT!!! Every week REAL straight boys are initiated into the 'gay for pay' bootcamp. Watch these young straight boys suck dick for the first time and get fucked for cash!

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Straight Rent Boys New Release


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Santiago Gets Fucked & Busts 3 Nuts

Feb 6, 2012
This scene continues where last week left off, with Santiago getting fucked and busting his nut doggy style. Now it's time for his best bud Vincent to get him on his back and do some more pounding. I don't know if it's Vincent's magic cock or Santiago's magic prostrate, but when you see Santiago bust his nuts twice in a row after taking this guy's huge cock you'll know there is some kind of magic going on! This is an amazing video to watch because we get to see these 2 best friends bond like never before. There is something so hot about the way Santiago just moans for that cock, like there is something deep inside his prostrate craving that special little feeling that is normally reserved only for gay men. Do we think Santiago secretly likes this feeling more then he lets on?

Can Santiago Take Vincent's Cock?

Jan 30, 2012
To help them 'welcome' in the New Year, I knew exactly what I had in mind for Santiago and Vincent. It was time to take these 2 hot, straight Latino best friends to the next level and get them to go anal for the first time.

The dilemma was to figure out who was going to be the bitch. Santiago made the great suggestion of letting our members decide, but unfortunately time was of the essence on this shoot (and I'm sure you will appreciate not having to wait another week for this scene). However, we do plan to get these hot boys on our forum, where they are looking forward to giving some 'shout outs' to a few well known 'Serbians' (code name for our wonderful Straight Rent Boys Forum junkies).

The fate of a hot straight boy's virgin asshole was at stake, and ultimately decided by a game of 'rock, scissors, paper.' Vincent was the victor, and Santiago's asshole would never feel the same. According to him, he jizzes like no ones fucking business when fingered, so now it was time to get him down on his knees to do some dirty fucking business.

Santiago & Vincent - Bros At Work

Jan 16,2012
Santiago is back this week and he brought his childhood friend Vincent, who is helping his buddy get into gay porn and escorting to pay the rent. Little did they know when they came into my studio what I had planned for them.

First off Vincent is extremely hot and well hung and comes from what I call the 'new generation' of straight boys. According to him, 'My momma said to do what I'm good at, so if I'm good at fucking...' I think he's definitely got some talent in the fucking department judging from his huge uncut cock.

Now the challenge was how to get these well hung, straight, macho Latin boys that are childhood friends to have gay sex. Obviously, this was going to take some convincing, and of course some money. I can only say that the result will make you laugh as much as you will cum as you watch these 2 go at it with gusto. Que Rico!

Chasing Chase's Load

Jan 9, 2012
After just spreading his seed all over Chase's body, I had just one request for our lovable vegetarian A.J; to lick Chase's body clean. Hey, I figured the guy needs some protein in his diet. A.J. obediently lapped up every drop of his own sperm, leaving Chase's body shiny and clean. Fortunately, A.J. does eat sugar, and didn't mind eating his own sweet jizz.

However, there was still one more stiff proposition standing in the way of these boys' getting paid...Chase's cock. But before A.J. was ready to fully commit himself to a piece of sausage, he first needed to warm himself up by dining on more of Chase's delicious boyhole.

Chase loved the attention to his ass, but was ready to take control of A.J.'s mouth. After commanding A.J. to 'spit on the dick' and 'suck both balls,' Chase was ready to fuck A.J's face. He shoved his dick deep down A.J.'s cum guzzling throat until he shot his full load of jizz in Chase's mouth. A.J., still a hungry boy, went back to the cock and cleaned that whistle dry.

These boys know how to put on a show. And for that, they each received $1000.00. Just think how many boxes of veggie burgers that could buy for A.J. And now that Chase has completed his training and is back in the porn business, I have a feeling he'll be making a name for himself.

Chase & A.J. - Chase's Painful Fuck

Dec 26, 2011
After the amazing blow jobs presented last week, I brought A.J. and Chase back so we could finally get down to the business of butt fucking. After a bit of discussion about who would be on the 'top' and who was going to be the 'bitch,' it became obvious that Chase was ready and willing to take A.J.'s cock for the team.

The boys start off with some sensual kissing, and soon A.J. gets Chase on his knees where he feeds him his cock. He instructs Chase on the finer points of cock sucking, making sure he takes his dick deep, causing Chase to gag on the dick. A.J. continues to fuck his hot mouth, but we all know what he really wants...a bit of Chase's vegetarian ass burger!

Futon spread out, A.J. moves Chase into the doggy position where he performs an act he obviously relishes, rimming. This man must work wonders with that tongue on the ladies, as his long tongue pushes deep inside Chase's beautifully smooth and tight ass, causing him to moan in pleasure.

But with this straight boy's pleasure is going to have to come a bit of pain. A.J.'s cock visibly becomes rock hard, and it's time for him to insert it in Chase's tiny little hole. A.J. gets it in and you can see the pained look on Chase's face. 'How do you like that dick?' asks A.J. to which Chase replies 'it feels huge.'

Nick Jockstrap & Autofellatio

Dec 12, 2011
I brought Nick back this week for our final auction of the year. This time his mission to raise money for animals was to cum on his high school jockstrap. Little did I know he was going to go above and beyond the call of sucking his own big cock!

In this video there are several things I loved, but I won't spoil the whole video for you because I want you to watch it. The first thing is his ass in the that's a hot, tight straight ass! I'm really looking forward to finally getting him to take his first cock (the final stage of this hot straight boy's gay for pay training).

The second thing I loved is of course when he gets his dick rock hard and then proceeds to suck on it. I was amazed to watch this. I'm not sure how he ever leaves the house with such a talent, but as for me I'd love to watch a whole video of him doing nothing but sucking his own dick!! Hell we can probably make that happen if you guys are 'up' for it!

As for the rest of the video, well just watch it for yourself. I think you'll like this opportunity to see Nick on his own even if you don't normally like solos, as he's definitely got a talent for putting on a jack off show like no one else can.

Scott's Mindblowing Blowjob

Dec 5, 2011
After watching Scott suck his first cock (Nick's) the last time, it was Nick's turn to do the 'duty.' I started off getting them horny talking a bit about the almighty vagina these boys love so much, and that was enough to get Nick to go down on that cock.

Scott is a beautiful hunk of manmeat and you will enjoy watching as Nick does an excellent job of cocksucking (possibly the best I've ever seen for a straight guy). I guess all those $50.00 blow jobs in the bushes have paid off for him, as he sent Scott right into heaven.

The best part is the finishing cum shot, and listening to Scott's amazing moaning. Scott was shocked at just how good a blowjob from a guy can feel. I'm hoping we can get him back soon to experience more joy in my little gay for pay bootcamp.

Scott's First Cock Sucking

Nov 21, 2011
Scott, a 22 year old 'gay for pay' virgin, is back this week on Straight Rent Boys. After bringing him in last week and seeing how HOT this hung Italian stud was in his solo video, I couldn't wait to get him in front of the camera.

This time I brought back our experienced hustler Nick to help me teach Scott a lesson in cock sucking. It was obvious Scott was feeling nervous with it being his first time ever with a guy, but he kept an open mind. After putting on some straight porn, Nick's dick was raging hard and it was time to put Scott to the test!

Let me tell ya,' for a first timer Scott got an 'A' for effort. The more he blew that dick, the more you could tell he was getting into it. Although admittedly Nick said he didn't enjoy it quite as much as when there is long hair and titties rubbing up against him, but I think Nick enjoyed himself as well.

Straight Boys Fuck - 3 Way Orgy

Oct 19, 2011
The video starts with Mitch lubing up his juicy hole. While both Eli and Nick have big cocks, I think Nick is the larger of the 2, so Eli took first dibs. Eli started fucking and I gotta tell you, I've never seen a straight boy in so much pain. The Director told him to suck on Nick's thick dick, figuring that it would at least take his mind off of it as Eli slowly but surely opened up this tight straight boy's ass. Eli seemed delighted in his role of being top for the first time, after all the pain he went through the previous week at StraightRentBoys as a bottom.

After taking Eli's cock, it was time for Mitch to get fully initiated into the Gay For Pay bootcamp. Anyone that has seen Nick fuck knows that this is one true stud that knows how to pound a hole. When Nick took control of Mitch's ass, he showed no mercy, seeming hell bent to destroy that hole.

I think Mitch is now ready to go fully gay for pay in the real world as a rent boy, how about you?


Every week REAL straight boys are initiated into the 'gay for pay' bootcamp. Watch these young straight boys suck dick for the first time and get fucked for cash! Click on the banner below to see more.

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